Of Course I Do...how Would I Get Any Guys Otherwise? :p

Of course it's okay.  You betta recognize! 




But then again it's okay for everybody to like everybody else :)

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i like chinese women so much. smart and attractive

I am glad white guys like Asian girls. White guys make the best husbands, don't you think?

I would like to know you all the more.



Funny experience -- of course it is ok ... :)

i cant....

hahaha yeah, it IS okay. I like all men too :P

WTF??? Is it OK? I have written my replies and omitted them three times! I am MAD!!! Is it OK? Is it OK if I empty a 30 round clip of .308 cal. rounds into whoever is asking this question? Is that OK???...YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! darn, this got me a little upset...DD<br />
PS. I like girls and I think it is OK to like ALL, I repeat ALL girls, so I think it is OK if guys like...Wait a moment here. If I was in my 20s then I would have to vote that it is NOT OK for guys to like Asian girls because YeaOhYea I would be left to like Asian girls all to my self! OK?...DD