And today i am screaming for it............! bf.
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thanks for those words amber and giggles. i have learnt how amazing people on here can be. its a very safe space for me when i have days like that....even comments like those help a

It's not just OK to cry for help, BF, it's not just GOOD to do it -it is sometimes ESSENTIAL.<br />
<br />
A pure, heartfelt ex<x>pression of your emotional and material needs, directed to whichever forces you believe influence our Universe, helps you identify and focus on them yourself and releases at least some of the stress. <br />
<br />
I echo giggles' message about helpful EPeeps. Just knowing that someone on the other side of the planet thinks about you sometimes and genuinely cares about your suffering can be really reassuring and life-affirming.<br />
<br />
Reach out, BF, and see how many hands there are to hold.

What's wrong? There are lot's of people here who would be happy to try to help.