Who Am I?

I'm Laconsolatrix, I'm a loner, stupid, lame , fat, ugly and a very dull lady. I'm not good at anything.I'm just an average lady who lives in daydreaming.I think life is really unfair.I don't know what to do , what to thing.Why there are so many beautiful girls? Why am I ugly? Why am I fat? Why am I a moron? This is really unfair, no one loves me .The truth is, It's really hurts.
22-25, F
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if you're a loner then you can learn to be strong within yourself, people will come into your life and if they're more than just people who think with their eyes, they'll stay at your side. If you think you're stupid then you're much smarter than you think, because there's alot of people out there thinking they're smart and doing stupid things, like really stupid things. If you know your<br />
capabilities for the moment, you know where to start, and that is a gift. If you know where to start, then only time and effort is the key to being truly smart.<br />
<br />
If you think you're fat, is another thing than actually being fat, and if that's the case then that doesn't mean you're ugly. If you want to be healthy though, you can always excercise so that you become healthy, not paper thin like media thinks is beautiful. Shape your body so you live a healthy life, that is a lot more than just thinking that above a certain weight you become fat. By healthy I mean that you're not above 80-90 Kilo, but not under around 50, depending on your height. Many think they're actually fat, but it's a lot healthier being "a little chubby, training and eating" than being " thin, not training regurlary and doesn't eat properly". But then again, this is just the biomedical view, the way of thinking health is totally up to you! If you're happy with your own body, then you shouldn't listen to others. <br />
<br />
Daydreamers are probably the funniest people to be with!<br />
<br />
About the ugly part, then you should now that beauty lies in the viwers eyes and decision to decide if you're beautiful. You must accept yourself though, but I can swear that atleast some persons you walk by is rating you higher than you think of yourself.

Um, wow. Where do you go from there?

I don't know.I feel I'm wasting my time, lying in front of everyone.I'm a fool.

You are very young. You have a long life ahead of you. You need to see a doctor and get something to help with the depression. You can't go for the next 60 years feeling like this.

yeah I know but what can I do?? I feel so weak, stupid and a real fool. I'm really ugly.

So am I, but I have people who love me, because I am a good person, who cares about them. You don't have to be pretty to be lovable. You just have to stop being depressed, (see a doctor for that) and then focus on making other people happy. When you make someone else happy, you will feel better about yourself and then others will like you, because you like yourself.

I am also, fat and not the brightest light on the tree, but I make people smile and they don't care what I look like.

yeah I love myself but no one loves me.Because of I'm not special, interesting, lovable, beautiful and sophisticated lady. I HATE ALL OF THEM.

Well you're lucky to be surrounded by good people unlike me. :(

I look for them, they don't seek me out. You can't sit home feeling sorry for yourself, and expect people to come looking for you to make you feel better. Okay....here's an assignment....see a doctor this week. Ask for antidepressants. Explain that part of your problem is your weight, and ask if there is an antidepressant that doesn't have weight gain as a side effect. It will take about 3 to 4 weeks for the antidepressants to start making you feel better, but when they do, I'd like to to message me, (my inbox is always open) and we can talk then about what you can do to make yourself and others happier. Right now, you are feeling too defeated to get any benefit from mere words. You need to get out of the depressed, defeated place where you are living. Then we can talk.

thanks for the concern but i don;t want to go and see a doctor. i think i want to talk with you.

I'll talk to you, if you think it will help, but unless you can get out of the depression, I won't be able to make you feel better. Every word you say, is self defeating and self deprecating. Pills do work, you know. When I said no to antidepressants, my doctor asked me if I would be willing to take insulin if I had diabetes. I said of course I would, I'm not stupid...He asked me if I would take penicillin if I had pneumonia...again I said yes I would..... he said that if I would take medication for one kind of illness, why wouldn't I be willing to take it for another. I had no good answer for that, so I started taking the Zoloft. It does help. It gives you the ability to see the possibilities, which depression robs from you.

that's cool. when I was a kid. I was always bullied with my classmate.They call me a dark wild boar. :(

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You are not a moron. You are not stupid. Plus, the world would not be very interesting without daydreamers.

But I think it's really sucks. I feel my life is really boring.I'm not good in anything and I don't have any confident to myself.