Generic Confessions

I started this because I have observed and asked questions of people of so many different religions.  I can honestly say that I have been "exposed", but even in this "exposure" I know I can learn more.  Sometimes I wonder if things like "confession" and "punishment" are for purposes of defining and dealing with things, a paying of pennance and moving on spiritually.  Most religions suggest that study and contemplation will bring enlightenment.  I do not pretend to be that deep.  And thank God for the internet.... LOLOL... you can confess anonymously and perhaps "deal" with stuff this way.

I am not sure of what topics to create, as I have quite a few on most levels in my pockets.  I will probably start with my dating experiences... blunt truth.  It has been a focus of mine for about a year, and it has been "enlightening" if unrewarding.  So, forward ho!  Join and be merry.

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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

I would wholeheartedly agree with your comment above. In their purest senses, most philosophies would place this at the highest of emotional, intellectual attainments - the Utopian ideal. I have, however, a deep seeded ying and yang view of the world. Most people are burdened with day to day struggles (especially these days) that they can never glimpse this. I struggle at times to "see the light" at every moment of every day... but when it is most "black", I am capable of remembering the light. It gives me a sense of inner peace. I do believe that I can "let it be" because ultimately I believe it is part of a greater plan, but we have paths we can chose. I accept those things I can change and those things I cannot... and I have survived this far!!! LOLOL <br />
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I don't know my neighbors to love them. But, if their home was on fire or their horse got out, then I would help them.... that is called respect for others.... and I try to always show that!<br />
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I try to respect the Golden Rule. I wish more would. There would be more "hope" for a Utopia.

It is simple, but those in high places would have us think otherwise. God, our conscience, whatever you call It, can be equated to love. there is no place in love for hurt or pain or any of that. Love negates confession Love dictates that we just have to "let it be" and love our fellow man. Jesus said love God and love your neighbor. God is love, so if we abide by those two rules our lives will be happy and worthwhile.