Autumn Chill

Honk if you love fuzzy slippers. I need them today.. It's 46 degrees.The Apt is down to 63 degrees in here.Yep..I love big'ol  warmie foot wear. My trampie looking slippers are a fav. They're like bright wine color, fluffy, feathery tops .  Oh, a two inch cushion sole. My Daughter wants to sneak over and burn them.  Can't blame her.We all have  a favorite pair of slippers. I'm keeping these gems till they fall apart . They appeal to my sexy side  LOL

wiseowl wiseowl
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Frito, you have some trampie slippers too?? Ha..I need a feather boa scarf to match. I'll wear it when I take out the garbage..OMG. No way Nyxie..I'm a yankee girl too. Nope, I'm not cranking up the themostat either.way too early. My Florida friends are sweating it out, wish I was. I can see those bear claw slippers. Yikes Myonis. They are very fat and puffy. Better get some trampie slippers and stay safe. My daughter ask me " where the hell did you gt those"? The secret tramp store, of course. Mother,bluegrass and mewold will look slick in feathery footwear. Expecially Mewald..cute

Mine are lurking around, waiting to come out - when there are no visitors and certainly not a FWB!

The big and fuzzy thing that I have, I can't talk about here.

Somebody gave me some big fuzzy bear claw slippers as a joke. They were wonderful, no joke! All warm and soft, but the claws would sometimes trip me up when I'd run up the stairs. My kids loved them and I wore them until they fell apart. Yeah, I was a sexy momma.

This makes me yearn for cooler weather. The South is still 80-90 every day. AC is going strong, and it's HOT.

I'm with you, Owlie. It's fuzzy slipper weather here, too, and cheap Yankee that I am, I refuse to put the heat on in September!

Hehehee Wiseowl...I think I have a matching pair...might not look so good but sure feel great! :)