All Work and No Play

All work and no play makes for a dull day!

I work hard all week dealing with: grid lock,slow drivers, delayed flights, lost luggage, dropped calls, arrogant doctors, mad families, sick and dying patients, denied benefits, employee crisis, team building; performance evaluations, profit margins, venting husband, needy children, grocery lines, laundry and quick meals---

Finally it is the weekend and they can just all back off!! It is time for some relaxation and moma wants to play!

finerside finerside
46-50, F
6 Responses Sep 5, 2009

It sounds like your sister is such a positive person in your life. Were you always so close growing up? <br />
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I watch my two young daughters bicker and fight and hope that someday they too will be friends!

Good for you young lady. You deserved it and nobody can deny it or take it away.<br />
I know what you mean about hard work, been self employed over 40 yrs. Some times one just has to let it all hang out<br />
Good job

Beleive me eaudoux---this nana feels the sore thighs! I don't know that I could do this 7 days a week--but having some hard fun is great every once in a while! My granny use to tell me "hicking up the heels is good for the spirit." Once you stop being active--you grow old. I beleive everything that old woman taught me! Hope you had some fun this weekend!

Okay--live hard--play hard I always say! So to begin with I threw a suitcase in the car put on my jeans, a tee, and flip flops and it is off to a little sleepy southern town around where I grew up to see my sister. Out for a pedicure and nails done then off to a country festival concert. Now I am not into much country music--but cowboys know how to part--bring on the Michelob and dancing! Danced till 10pm, then off to the local Club for more dancing and the rounds of shots for everyone! A little pool playing for some extra money(moma's not too bad--sister kicks butt so the team rocks) and the texting continues until 3:45 am. Heard of Nickleback's new song "burn it to the ground" well guess what! Up again and off to see grandkids. Hamburgers and beer for everyone. Did a little horseback riding with grandkids and sitting at the barn watching the kids brush down the horses and talk about school. Finally-back home again. Monday evening a quiet dinner in Dallas and sitting out on the back porch to watch fireflies, then a cool shower with the hubby to scrub my back and a little hanky panky afterwards. Well kids--that's it for moma until next time! :)

Well done, lady finerside.<br />
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Spoil yourself.<br />
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good for you for letting your hair down at the weekend - sounds like u have a very demanding job and family and if u dont have time to relax/party or whatever u enjoy doing u will feel like a slave to the world