My Wife A Long Time Ago Used A Word For Us

she called us children adults, as we were working full time going to school full time and really living as adults full time even at 12 years old

did it hurt us no but we were different children do to drugs we had been no very early  in life

but we also had adults in our lifes my wifes mother and her grandparents to guide us and answer questions when we ask them

we paid 1/3 of the housing cost to our mother each month or she was suppose to take it from our bank and she always did that but many time it would be placed back in out account we also banked over 1000.00 a month which was more then many adults made back in 1961
with grade bonus of 50.00 extra each month for each A that was 800.00 a month in the bank we made .1 of a cent for each gallon of gas sold each month over 10000, most months we hit 5 to 6 times that just due to the hours we opened Vs other stations in our area

we opened the hopurs the locale were driving we always had fresh coffee and donuts in the morning for them as they head to work

we had a great life all planed our for us by the end of hight shool we did not need grants or loans to go to school we had cash our home was paid for or cars and bikes belonged to us and we had full time jobs

but we also had "THE DRAFT"  i washurt at age 19 and in a coma for 56 month my wife who had somehow followed me into the srevice but she went USMC looking for me in viet nam was killed the next day as she walked to her office in siagon she was killed by a baby bomb[ a child let sitting on a mine that was packed with nails pop bottle cpas flattene out and ball bearings the the guy she was walking toher office withwas home sickand a child crying was just to much for him and really many others
ones i talked to years later said she was dead from the blast before naything even tore in to her cute small body but my world crashed on 1/14/1967 the one thing we had forgot toplan for was her death
rickibrat2 rickibrat2
61-65, M
Sep 15, 2012