How Do You Know If You've Been Blocked?

Unsure if you've been blocked?

Click on the profile of the member that you think might have blocked you.

If you have been blocked, you will see this:

And when you try to comment on their stories, you will see this:

When you've been blocked you can not:
a) See their profile
b) Therefore, can not send private messages, leave whiteboard scribbles, send gestures
c) Comment on their blogs
d) Comment on their stories

When you've been blocked you can still:
a) See their stories
b) See their public blogs
c) Block them back (click on that link that says "You may block them from seeing yours by clicking here")

"I want to remove someone who blocked me from my circle, but not block them in return. Is this possible?"
- Yes, but at the moment it's not formally supported by EP, there's a trick to it. Private message me if you need to know. Or, harass them to implement the feature. :)

Any other questions? :D
TheTardyDodo TheTardyDodo
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9 Responses Jan 12, 2008

Whoa, so this is what EP used to look like.

If you have blocked someone, they can still see your stories and posts? Is there a way to block them from seeing your stories and posts?

It was an excellent help to me. Thanks TheTardyDodo.

Aww, thanks JusDun :)<br />
<br />
(As it turns out, the people who have blocked me so far are both good people at heart. Just personality clashes. But this story wasn't written about that, it was really just meant to be another one of my 'Help articles', seeing as there was still some confusion on some points for some members).

Well, I did my feature testing a while ago on a second account I set up to see how the blocking worked (so I could answer questions from other people). But, yes, everyone has their run-ins with others. :)

When you say never shows up, do you mean if you go back and check the story later? Or do you mean immediately? <br />
<br />
Sometimes the comment doesn't display on the same page that you typed it, you need to go back and look check the story again.

Actually, I'm surprised *more* people haven't blocked me. I'm only aware of a few at the moment.

You're welcome, Cinderellity. :)

Huh. That clears up some stuff for me. I think I was blocked by someone i didn't even know, and was wondering why I could still see their stuff. Thanks for doing the homework, dodobird.