And They Didnt Even Say Goodbye !!

Well there ya go .... I do believe i have been blocked...HARRUMPH  I should just get over it but I'm even more determined to find out why.... HUH they didn't even say goodbye !!... not even a so long sucker or a take care !! ...... I just don't know how to feel right now... I'm going through many stages of rejection and...and... I'm ever so slightly peeved... Why ?? HHmmm Well I suppose they had there reasons...wouldn't you think they would care enough to say CYA ?? Real Nice... just blocking someone without a care..... or Oh Crap... I hope they haven't met with foul play...I do hope they are alright......I really really wouldn't want anything bad to have happened to them and ....and.... NAHH .. I know I'm blocked. GREAT.  I feel so special. 

caroli9 caroli9
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3 Responses Apr 11, 2007

it has happened again ... but this time they beat me to the punch ... so to speak :))

You must be special to be blocked! It happened to me just recently too. It's like getting a special medal made out of rusty tin. That said, I can't imagine for the life of me why anyone would block *you*. Maybe they got sick of losing staring matches with your unbl<x>inking avatar!

funny. i didn't even notice that you Could block someone. but you are right - they should at least tell you why!!!<br />
Good Luck.