But I don't know why 😰😢😰😢😰😢
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Welcome to the club....lol....maybe we should create a experince for it

Some people just can't take messages every 5 minutes, it's crazy :P

But I wasn't texting every 5 min.
What a **** of a day!
First thing this morning, I'm in rush hour traffic on a 6 land hwy & get plowed in the rear by a girl texting! 4 car pile up, my car the worst. I think it's totaled.
Now my buddy blocks me & I thought we were friends?!?!?!?!?
It comes in 3's. What's next?
I'm headed home with a 12 Pk. & gonna lay low :(

That's Brutal! go buy yourself something awesome online :) you deserve it!

Yeah that's what I say! what the hell, hmmmm what do I want??????

Does this count as my 3rd thing...
I can't go to NASCAR THIS WEEKEND like planned. Being forced to work! Had tickets & camping already paid for. Tell me my life don't suck right now#*+{},>^£


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