They say if you talk to God its called prayer.....but when God talks to you its called schizophrenia

Ok so im not hearing Gods voice or anything I just crack up at that line :P

So as i was typing some story yesterday I put the laptop charger on the floor. *laptop beeps* its dying, so I reach for the chrger and instead have to pull a madhunt for it, turns out...it was in my sisters room... so I never took it with me to my room??

Im getting ready to go out, put on some eyeliner, put on some mascara, re check reflection, eye liners a bit thicker on one side. But...the eyeliners gone from dresser... its still in my purse??

I find my tomato sauce in the bathroom and the can opener in the fridge.

Either its dementia, Im losing my mind or my house is haunted!!

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It's the Duwendes.

same things used to happen with me and are happening...i have seen a ghost also<br />
..i think all of the options ur giving may be true for u..