Jan and Feb

January and February are the worst months of the year for me.  It gets dark early, it is always cold and I get so depressed and irritable.  I crave sunny warm days, and just escaping from being trapped indoors day in and day out.  Th reason I do not go out much is because I do not enjoy the cold and during the day Im working and when I get home it is already dark out.  I end up moping around the house feeling lost and figuring out what I should do.

I have just started reading self help books to find my inner self and this seems to help abit and also brought myself a treadmill and exercise bike but the trouble with that is finding the motivation to stay on them and get the benefits of excercise.  But I will not give up because as I head into the middle of February I know that spring is just around the corner and once again I can start enjoying having my windows open, walks in the sunshine, fire pits at night and the great enjoyment of starting my garden off again.

tatteredwings tatteredwings
1 Response Feb 12, 2009

Now that we are in March the days are getting longer and the weather abit warmer, cant wait till spring :)