Hold On!

 Before you start attacking me about how evil killers are or how bad it is to glorify them....I know.   And don't start being afraid quite yet lol let me explain myself...


I recognize that Mr dahmer did MANY horrible acts. I myself would never want to do or have done to another human.   I like studying the human mind and human nature. also the whole nature vs. nurture thing.

after reading and viewing a plethora of different killers i would have to say that dahmer is quite intriguing to me. Its not that he is really different but there is just something about him. I have seen interviews where he recognized that there was something very wrong with him. he even said that he thought that he belonged in prison.  I think that he eventually did show remorse of some sort.  His childhood is also something i find interesting.

Ok. let me just say this. even though i say he is my 'fav' i don't really mean that i idolize him in anyway. i think it is deplorable what he did and who to. i feel quite saddened for his victims and there families. I just wish there was a way that could have helped him originally an prevented him from committing such heinous acts.

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Exactly. I remember watching a documentary with Oswald on it and even the usual tape where he says that he was a patsy. I think the government is behind the death of JFK and I think even though it may not have been right for McVeigh to take the action he did to get his message out there, he was a victim of circumstances, too because he didn't agree with our government's actions over in Iraq during the Gulf War.

hmm Yes. They are interesting as well. even though McVeigh and Oswald weren't serial killers i also find their stories intriguing.

I think Aileen Wuornos, Joel Rifkin, all of their stories are interesting but I am also interested in people like Timothy McVeigh and Lee Harvey Oswald (because those are two who were victims of circumstance). I'm still trying to read through their stories, it's something about them, it tweaks a part of my brain.

Thank you! Im glad we have something in common. I am interested to know what some of your favorites are lol. Im sure ive heard of them hehe

I must say I often heard of Dahmer and whenever I sat down to watch a documentary or something on him, I'd have something to do. I just got finished reading his Wikipedia profile and all of it sounds grotesque but interesting nonetheless. I've always been fascinated by serial killer's stories and try to find the human in them even though others are unable to see it. I am the same as you; I am also fascinated by the human nature vs. nurture aspect, too. Part of it allows me to draw my own conclusions about their actions and what they wanted from humans or loved ones that they couldn't get elsewhere. In Jeffrey Dahmer's case, it seemed like he was confused about life and love. BTW: I have a few favorite serial killers, too, but I don't condone what they've done or anything and I like your arguments.

Yes, I see one of your points.His interviews are interesting.He appeared intelligent.It was as though he could have been a success.Horrible acts ! OMG. Ted Bundy was like that.Two men who could have done well.