Not Convinced

im very confused by the whole religion deal. i mean you cant just explain away dinosaurs and evolution....and who says god created the world in 7 days, surely he was the only one there?!

so isn't it just as likely that jesus could have been an alien trapped on our planet...or a human from a parralel dimension with an earth that has humans that use their full brain capacity therefore far advanced to us?

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4 Responses Dec 19, 2006

I used to support the whole Christianity is the truth and the light way of thinking, but as I have grown older and started to really questions things (sparked by myown personal experiences of the world) I have come to realise that just because an idea is popular, it doesn't make it right.<br />
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There are many other possible explanations - hey dinosaurs could have been an alien race who came here to inhabit the Earth only to be wiped out by a meteor or one of the three moons Earth used to have crashing into the planet (and yes, there is scientific evidence of this). I don't think Jesus was an alien (although I am sure he had alien dna). I think he was a man who brought incredible teachings to the world that were misinterpreted and misrepresented as being Christian or religious. Whoever or whatever God is, I believe to be alien. I also believe that we all carry alien dna to a point. <br />
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Science is a tricky thing. Not all events can be looked at scientifically. Show me how science can prove what colour love is or the steps one takes to attain faith...I think we rely too much on science as a benchmark.

I think you've got vallid questions. And I think it's questions like yours that lead to religion. In my experience, religion (even Christianity) isn't owned and operated by non-thinking drones who have found answers to all their questions. But, rather are people like yourself who are seeking. And like smebro are willing to look anywhere (even unfamiliar turf) until they are satisfied. The reality is that satisfaction is usually found before 1/10 of one percent of our answers is.

Do you see that by answering your questions with ideas of aliens; you are only avoiding the problem you have with the other information sets? Rather then looking for another far-flung explanation; why not pick up a scientific magazine or browse the internet for information on dinosaurs and evolution.

Well the Christians are the ones in line with the whole God created the world in seven days. But it was more like 6, because on the seventh day he was just being lazy, I mean resting. Nah, I take that back. And besides who says that dinosaurs and evolution are not products of God? Anyways, not all religions say that, or even bother attempting to answer. Take for example the Buddhist. They basically say to hell with that question. There's an equal chance that Jesus was an Alien as anything else.