Zechariah In Me Own Mind

Have you considered the complex astrological caluclations that go into determining the date of Easter Sun-Day in any given year? 

Easter (Eostar) is the first Sudnay after the "Paschal full moon," which is, itself determined from tabula, rather than any directly observed astronomical evente, which seems to imply that it is based on observations and measurements for the occurrance of some event in the ancient world, which has been rituallixtically been carried over into tradition.  the calculations had astronomical significance at the time of the event (ascension), but no longer do so today, as the positioning of havenly buddies is no longer perfect with those of the ancient times.

It could be viewed as if using the astronomical events to plan for a certain occurrance to happen, such as the arrival of a scapecraft by which One may Ascend into the Havens. 

Indeed, the ariel phenomenon that was available to shepherds and kings year Zero, may have been the Arrival of the originall Dropdown vessel.


(*all "misspellings" in this article are intentional)



kanys kanys
36-40, M
Feb 28, 2009