The Bill just passed in Congress, S.1867 was co sponsored by none other than John McCain. He may not have won the presidency, but he is none the less just as much a threat to Americans' freedoms. With his co-sponsoring amnesty legislation, prior to his running for the presidency. It certainly is baffling how Arizonians could conceive the continued Congressional representation he presents which is ever bit anti American. here are two links about the bill:
last week:

this week after passage:

If you haven't been outraged yet, go back to watching,"dancing with the stars"

This legislation represents martial law in the strictest measure of the idea.

A rebuttle to add amendments to this bill were defeated. Here is a taste of the bill:


Of course the useless representative that McCain is, argues against the changes.

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Seems as thonwe are not only redistributing to citizens but everyone. Might as well just write a check to some family in Zimbabwe