Rugged. Or Clean Cut, Edward Scissorhands Or Not...

...he can take on any role and just look absolutely sexy =)

Even his character in The Corpse Bride is amusing and mightily adorable =)

I have to say one of my favorite roles that Johnny Depp played was as Sam in Benny and Joon. I'm not sure if he was famous at the time he took on the role, but he did such a great job that I knew it had to be a much younger Johnny Depp, not just a look-alike.

If you hadn't seen that, please do ^_^ You won't get disappointed. ^_^


P.S. I do want to see him as a bad *** villain... no roles come to mind. Kindly enumerate, if you can? =)

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oh yeah...there is no question, no debate...

I think that IS how it is spelled =) and I have to agree!!! ^_^

He is the epitome of eccentricity. If that's how you spell it?