Id Like To...

strap oh justin to a fire ant hill...their huge in texas but then again so is everything else. but id like to smother him in jelly and sugar ants like sugar butt *** naked and let them eat him alive while he squeals like a pig. id like to tie him to a burning wheel dowse him in gasoline and throw knifes at him. while his cds BURN IN ******* HELL. talk about ur careers on fire and i'm really twisted
pimpstressbarbie pimpstressbarbie
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

WOWZA!! I'm sooooo ******* glad that I'm not Justin bieber.

haha if it was u i just strap u to the bed

HAHAHA!! Thanks babe. I would love that. I'd love it even more if you found my weak spot. * lips are sealed *

oh... a scavenger hunt?


hmm let me *feel around*

Haha :) plz do

one finger or two?

Hmm..... 2. Cuz 2 is better than 1

yes cause two is better than one..........wait a second wasnt that a ****** spice girls song?

Huh?? Idk. I remembered it from a boyslikegirls ft Taylor swift song

lol i think it is

Otay. Im pretty sure your never gonna find my weak spot. :p

hmm give me a clue?

* sighs * hmm...... It's somewhere from my waist up.

oh i think i got it *moves finger slowly* tell me is it here *touches foot*


oh hmmm *touches ur boobs* am i warmer?

Hmm yes

is it this? *kiss's lips*

Mmmm now you went up a little too far. Go down a few inches.

oh ur neck huh???

DING DING DING!!! We have a winner!!! :)

haha how did killing justin beiber turn into a sex theme?????

I have nooooo ******* idea

lol its awesome

:) yessir

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