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ehhhh well just wanted to ask people of this group.. have you actually got a good reason to say this lol?.. i mean he`s not done anything to you i`m sure?

his music is bad in my opinion.. niki minaj is terrible!.. but i don`t go around saying this.

just curious why you want him to die :) dont go saying im a beiber fan or whatever cause im far from it.
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4 Responses Dec 12, 2012

you are kind i like that

I think you're just a lot nicer and tolerant than others. But I doubt your feelings gonna find much love here. =)

I actually enjoyed watchin him on Chelsea Handler's show ... seems ok.

lol yeah that poor guy only entertaint us for his living loll!! let him do that safely!! hahahaha

honestly i made the group to get a laugh out of people not to start a fire storm of pro justin anti justin debating but i hate the dude with a passion and no its not that hes on top of the world or anything like that i cant stomach the site of him. i cant turn on a tv show, news show blah blah blah with out havin that piece of garbage CRAMMED down my throat. but hes not the only celeb i wished would die there are others as well. 4 yrs of having to suck down every song every award show every picture with every bite is a hard and bitter pill to swallow and its a disgrace to what REAL ARTIST WITH REAL TALENT HAVE TO DEAL WITH. but the topper of it was the fact he got snubbed at the grammys and people think he deservs **** handed to him on a silver platter i hate him and the day he does die will be the best day in the world for me call me hater or whatever u want its my choice and im allowed to have that choice