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ehhhh well just wanted to ask people of this group.. have you actually got a good reason to say this lol?.. i mean he`s not done anything to you i`m sure?

his music is bad in my opinion.. niki minaj is terrible!.. but i don`t go around saying this.

just curious why you want him to die :) dont go saying im a beiber fan or whatever cause im far from it.
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you are kind i like that

I think you're just a lot nicer and tolerant than others. But I doubt your feelings gonna find much love here. =)

I actually enjoyed watchin him on Chelsea Handler's show ... seems ok.

lol yeah that poor guy only entertaint us for his living loll!! let him do that safely!! hahahaha

honestly i made the group to get a laugh out of people not to start a fire storm of pro justin anti justin debating but i hate the dude with a passion and no its not that hes on top of the world or anything like that i cant stomach the site of him. i cant turn on a tv show, news show blah blah blah with out havin that piece of garbage CRAMMED down my throat. but hes not the only celeb i wished would die there are others as well. 4 yrs of having to suck down every song every award show every picture with every bite is a hard and bitter pill to swallow and its a disgrace to what REAL ARTIST WITH REAL TALENT HAVE TO DEAL WITH. but the topper of it was the fact he got snubbed at the grammys and people think he deservs **** handed to him on a silver platter i hate him and the day he does die will be the best day in the world for me call me hater or whatever u want its my choice and im allowed to have that choice

Most people dont like him because he played the "12yr old girl heartbreaker route" with his music carreer. That is the most hated one. He uses a cute smile and a soft voice to get his fan base which is all teen girls from like 11-15. Girls who are getting on the older side of their teens realize he's not as great as they once thought because they realize that what he says isnt true and his songs really arnt that good. Everyone hates bands or groups that go the 12yr old girl route. Such as backstreetboys, nsync, johnas brothers, esc. They have no real respect in the music world because they arnt songs that were actually good but instead just played to the croud of young girls. Plus.... justin Beiber perfume....doesnt quite aid his side of the story :/ hope that helps :p

doesnt help at all, because you missed the point. people say for him to die when he shouldn`t as he`s gave them no reason to say such a thing?.. it`s stupid. the guy has the smile and all that **** but what im saying is you can talk about just what u said to me but everyone knows this already. his fans are young yes i know but i also know alot of people my age who like him lol. i`m not a fan but i was saying he has no reason to die :L.. don`t like his music, just post a group with that title. simple

well people are going to always put "die" for someone heck im sure even i've got a few people that wish that i would "die" but that doesnt mean that they are going to go out of their way to do it lol but it's more along the lines of haters haha vs wishing his actual death lol. but funny enough his fans are more dangerous then the people that dislike him. He has extream fans that actually cause him physical harm for their own self gratification. really weird if you ask me >.>

but what all the (retarded) "hater" forget is people who have had these wishes about them have killed themselves and harmed themselves before. people forget that, i know this site will never be used by justin probably lol. but still doesnt change my attitude to people who say that about people even though its just stupid haters. god i hate people who say these things, some opinions could be kept to themselves, as they sometimes have effects on others.. plus the bieber fans will swarm ep(no thanks!)

you make a very good point in that aspect. And im glad you have very strong morals in life and death as well as suicide and what not. Sadly what can you do? People are always going to find something to hate no matter what it is :/ but im pretty sure you wont have to worry about the JB fan's storming EP lol to many pedo content on here haha as well as if their parents ever saw ep most of the fans would be gone in a heart beat from here lol. Still it's good to know how strongly you feel about people who battle depression and as well as the thoughts of suicide.

I don't care or fight for depressed people. But sometimes I have to put the haters in there place. The guy doesn't do anything wrong in my eyes, but ye the haters are the ones who are Beneath the hated. they see you up there and just have to drag u down.

I see your point in what you say and you are pretty much right about it. But i guess in a way if we didnt hate what other people had we wouldnt fight to better ourselves

pizzaboy: Bieber was discovered in 2008, and since he's 18 now, he was 14 when he came out, so the 11-15 fan base that you mentioned makes sense for him to market his music to. When you mentioned Backstreet Boys(90s-2000s), NSYNC(90s-2000s), etc. those groups come from the lineage of New Kids on The Block(80s-90s)New Edition(80s), Menudo(all decades but mainly 80s), The Osmonds(70s), The Jackson 5(70s), and I believe that Bieber and One Direction are the 2010 decade version of those type of groups. Every decade seems to have that type of group/singers. I think the problem with this type of music is that the songs are so damn catchy that you get people like myself, who is 32, and older age groups singing them. and I'm a person who listens to all music, but mainly bands like The Beatles, Stones, Dylan, The Grateful Dead, Jimmy Buffett, etc. but think about it this way. music evolves the way technology evolves, which would explain why music today is so electronically driven..

what i don't get is that Bieber can play about 5 instruments, and yet he chooses to write music that has beat driven tunes to them, and then there is always remixes to every song, not just his. Lyrically he's not even close to what any great artist would write.. no one in music is today.. I'd love to see an artist today try and duplicate an album such as Dylans "blonde on blonde" the clash's "london calling" or the stones "exile on main st.

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