Kids Are Great

Parenting is toughest job in the world , and to understand kids is even toughter, but in my opinion kids behaviour is out come or result of their parents behavior. kids looks the world through parent's eyes and hear from their parents ears.

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I feel only till they r not able to walk on their own, once they develop their walking skills n start going to a play school, parks n other public places where they r let to roam around, their observation becomes their own, not the one which is of their parents, n the previous versions of anything told by parents is replaced by the kids own version. this is how things work i feel. Now at this point kid compares the parents version n his own version of observation, this is the point when, where, how, why, if n but arise. is a kid is simply accepting what a parent is telling them after 2 yrs. of age then either kids is submissive by nature or introvert by default. A kids version should be his own, in the interest of the kid, as this is how he will progress n human brain will develop. just my humble thoughts.

Kids definitely see through their parents' eyes, and then some more. It all depends on a child's character because the more rebellious ones will fight against their parents' ideas and the more submissive ones will see things as their parents do, in hopes of being more "conservative." (I mean that in a traditional sense, not political)

I agree with this up till the point that your children become an age to where they are choosing to make their own choices regardless of what you have tried to teach them.<br />
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Just a with what tree said. Her girls smoking is not a refection of her it is a reflection of what her girls have choose to be.<br />
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I believe younger children and their behavior are more a reflection of their parents' skills with them.

Very true. Peers have a definite effect as well.