Melts Me!

This past weekend I was with the four year old I nanny for and we were going out for a walk. We started towards our usual direction, he jumping, walking, singing, and checking that his new 'keys' were in his pocket=)

We arrived at a small patch of the tiniest little yellow flowers in the grass, the size of about half your pinkie fingernail. He saw them and said,
"Oooo!!! Look M!!! Look at these little flowers!"
I said, "Oh, they are so cute, so pretty, N. " He started to bend over and picked one up. He handed it to me, and said, "Here, this is for you.
I picked a flower for you." (tooo cute)=)
I said, "OH, N, thank you! This is beautiful, I love it." He looked at it in my hand and said, "Ok. But you need to water it everyday ok?" (*melts*) lol..

I later accidentally dropped it because it was so tiny, and he went back to the patch on our way back. This time, he picked a new one up, and said,
"Here's a new one!" He handed it to me, and said as he put it in my hand, staring at it intently,"Shhhhhh" , placing it in my hand as if it were a tiny baby, very carefully. Then, "Shhh..."again, while he was looking at it...
OMG..KIDs are , well... little bundles of a perfect moment=)
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lol i remember moments like that with my kids =) it really does melt your heart when they do things like that

Mark Twain Quoted , Children cannot Lie for they tell all that they Know .....Then Stop .

GREAT quote..ty for posting this are u today Paschar??

Wide awake and chipper , Waiting for EP Staff to get online for my monday Pestering ;0) , The best way to get things done is via a good sermon