Why You Did It???

I was pregnant and one day my 3,5 yrs old daughter asked me:

D: Mommy, why your belly is big?
Me: coz your lil sister is inside it)
D: (sobbing) Then why did you eat her???

or another story

Once my daughter found a pack of condoms and started asking me. Actually she wasn't asking..she questioned me for 2 hours.
As she unpacked them I had no choice and told her that it's a balloon. Of course she forced me to inflate it.
After two weeks we went to the pharmacy, guess what she saw - shelf full of condoms!
Mama mia...she started screaming with joy:
Mommy!!! Look how many balloons they have. Buy me plzzzzzz
Imagine the pharmacist's face expression

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1 Response May 6, 2012

omg tooo funny