My Siblings---

My sibs and I (myself, two sisters and a brother) love to reminisce about our childhood when we get together. A few things we recalled:

Taking my brother to kindergarten, early one morning, he looked at the morning sky and complained to our mother "God was lazy, He went to bed and left the moon on !"

Another time we were out in the backyard playing with neighbours; our mother called my brother from an upstairs window. Holding up a hand (he was 4), he stood up and said to us before leaving, "And now, a word from our sponsor !" (Too much tv, maybe ?)

Then there was the time some of us kids were still at church after choir practice. One of the older girls had a boombox that she took into a room off the sanctuary, where she showed us some of the latest dances, which we were very eager to learn. My younger sister, (6) burst into the room, outraged: "God would turn over in His grave if He could see this !"
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Priceless. Life without memory is no life at all. (Brunel quoted by Sacks).