The Wedding

I am blessed enough to work at a preschool, so I hear the cutest things all the time! The children in the classroom I work in are 4 and 5 years old, and they are constantly talking about who they're going to marry when they're older. So, a couple weeks ago, two of the boys were playing with Legos and I went over to their table and this is the conversation that I heard:

First Child: Miss Rachel, I'm going to marry you when I'm older!

Me (laughing): Oh, really? You're silly.

Second Child: I already married a teacher!

Me: Which teacher?

Second Teacher: Miss B! (the infant teacher)

First Child: No, you did not!

Second Child: Be quiet! You weren't even there!

First Child: What did you guys DO?

Second Child (smirking): I think you know what we did! But you should have seen her face! She was so shocked that she ran away afterwards because she didn't want to be married to me.
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well kids are kids and yes they are adorable when they ask something and when you answered them they are shock