It's Not That Far, Nonna

My sister's family went to see her grandaughter in a gymnastic competition in a city closeby. It was only an hour's drive. Her stepson lives about 7 or eight hours away and it was his daughter in the competition. A week later, as a surprise, the crew went to surprise her stepson on his 39th birthday--his father and he had never spent a birthday together. When they arrived the grandson approached my sister and said, "Nonna, why did you go home after the gynastics competition. You were already on your way to our house--you could have come back when we did?"

He loves his nonna (with good reason--the woman is awesome.

She played leggos with him and his sister joined in. They played until their mom told them it was bedtime. The little guy asked nonna if they could play again tomorrow. Of course she agreed knowing full well that the day would be filled with lots of other activities and the time for a joint leggos build would probably be sacrificed. So wonderful that he so enjoyed playing that he wanted to do it all over again the next day.
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May 21, 2012