Saved From a Ticket..:)

About two weeks ago I was pulled over for speeding and I had both my boys with me. They are 5 and 10. With the new law in effect my 5 year old has to be in a booster seat until he is 4'9 or 8 years old. I had him all buckled in and my other son, and myself where belted in.

I pulled over before the cop even turned on his lights knowing that i was busted. 50 in a 35. The cop come up and asked me for all my info. I had it ready i handed it to him and before he could turn around and go my youngest says " I am all buckled up in my booster seat just like i am suppose to be because its the law" the cop laughed very hard and walked back to his vehicle. I was pleasantly surprised to see him come back quickly. I knew i was getting a warning.   As he was standing there his radio went off and here is my youngest once again. "Hey, your talkie is going off". Once again it brought laughter to the police officer.

I really believe that with him being so dang cute it saved me from a ticket. :)

awaress34 awaress34
36-40, F
Jul 27, 2008