Mommys Magic Kiss

Gunner, who is 2, tripped an fell. He came running up to me with tears in his eyes and in the saddest little voice he said "foot hurt! Kiss it!" so I kissed his knee, and he looked at it and then at me and he smiled the biggest smile and said "all better mommy!" and ran off to play :)

And earlier, while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, my son was playing with his cars. I jokingly took it from him and he looked at me, and mimicking Donald Ducks famous line, he said "what's the big idea, mommy?" I couldn't help but laugh:)
TeenMommyof4 TeenMommyof4
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

Awwww.. your little guy is precious. Good for you for being a mommy at even a young age.