How To Remove A Tooth

This afternoon I had some unexpected visitors. A friend of mine said she was in the area so thought she would pass by with her daughters. I quickly hurried into the kitchen to provide them with some light refreshments.

The little girl came over to me to show me her wobbly tooth and complained that it was hurting. Jokingly I suggested that I remove it for her but she replied, “No, it’s going to hurt”. I said okay, then offered her an apple and told her that maybe her tooth would come out if she bit into something hard. Again she said no to that option too. When I was about to return to the kitchen the little girl came chasing after me and whispered,

“What if I bit my sister?”
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ahhhhh haaaaa

too funny..

Here is another way to pull a tooth.

Well that had me cringing as I waited to see how it would work out, lol... Thank you for sharing that :)

*laugh* Now I want to know how she *really* lost her tooth.

This is why I've always enjoyed working with kids in my art class. They don't even realize how funny they are...they just look at you like you're some crazy loon when you start cracking up at something funny they said...and they don't even realize how funny they are.

Very cute story. :)

I love listening to children, they do say the funniest things. I just love the innocence of their conversations being delivered in their squeaky little voices.. :)

ha ha ha ha :)
What if I bite my sis......eeeeeeee
She might be hating her because she has to share her bed with her sis...........
It was cute....

I couldn't stop laughing... I love little kids for this reason, they are so funny..