Never Turn Your Back On A 3-year-old

I have a class of 3-5-year-olds. One day I had about 6 kids in class. We were practicing making secondary colors out of primary colors, so I tinted some shaving cream with primary-colored paint and encouraged them to explore making secondary colors by mixing the shaving creams together. I had bought the cheapest shaving cream at the store, which was men's shaving cream. It smelled like a clean boy, so it didn't smell bad, but it wasn't scented like fruit or vanilla or any food item that many women's shaving creams are often scented with.

As soon as I opened the discovery table, the scent wafted out and Emma remarked "Ooh wow! That smells good!" I agreed with her and didn't think anything of it.

I started half of them on the discovery table and the other half on a coloring sheet. While I was working with the three that were coloring, with my back turned on the half over at the discovery table, I hear "Hmm. Not too yukky!"

Running over to find Emma chowing down on the shaving cream.

To her credit, shaving cream does look a lot like whipping cream and we were playing with it with plastic spoons.

Not my brightest moment as a teacher.
AynsleyRosalinda AynsleyRosalinda
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Oh, boy! She's an adventurer! I like shaving cream to play in, but even unscented has some kind of noxious fumes that trouble my tender lungs. Would go great with our winter theme, though, especially since we don't get much snow around here.

I look forward to more interesting news from your class!