Tony Blair

When my brother was 6 yrs old, he went to do an entrance examination for school. One of the questions was "Who is Tony Blair?" He answered "A man who tells stories to make people happy." LOL how true is that?!

If you don't know who Tony Blair is: he used to be the prime minister of UK. 

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Unfortunately, no. I would have passed him! But...he has passed the test this time round (for secondary school) and he talked about this incident at his interview, which made the teacher laugh quite a bit.

He he priceless.<br />
<br />
Just out of curiosity....did your brother pass the test??!!??

You don't have to pass an examination for an education, but this was for a private school that allows kids in at that age providing they pass the test. <br />
Children say the truth; more so than adults anyway. That's why I don't get why they are always labelled as liars.

I don't know what an entrance examination is. Do kids have to pass an exam before they are allowed to go to school in the UK?<br />
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But I do get the humor. It's hilarious :D I think kids often understand more of what is really going on in the world than adults because they are completely ob<x>jective when they analyze things.