My son just LOVES his fruit snacks. Right now he's working his way through a box of "John Deere" tractor shaped fruit snacks.

He eats them so often that I say "You're gonna turn into a fruit snack!" 

Well, he just brought me a package to open, so I did. A few minutes later he brings me another. I say "No, you just finished one!" 

He says, "But I want to turn into a fruit snack!" LOL I opened it for him.

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

Haha, he sounds adorable. I would have given in and opened the package for him too. I love how kids understand everything literally. Thanks for sharing :)

when my little sis was three she used to call fireworks "star-popping fairies" and a few days before my gran went to canada she and my sis saw a plane passing overhead. "look gran," said my sister,"theress the canada sky-rocket.".<br />
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my mum said that when i was six i was upset about something my friend had said to me. mum said that i should just rise above her and be nice. i said "but if you're nice people dont know you're alive."