Tonight while shopping at the mall with my daughter and a friend, we noticed it was getting late, yet I still had a few stops I wanted to make.

I said, "We better hurry if we want to make it before they close."

As we hustled down the aisles my daughter says to us, "Could you imagine if shopping was a sport?"

We laughed as she continued, "The coach would give each player a hundred dollars... Then you would have to pick up your stuff as fast as you could."

My friend says, "That's what they call a spree."

I told my daughter that's how I used to shop when she and her sister were younger - fast and furious (but unfortunately I didn't have a coach).

I'm glad she came with us... She is entertaining :)
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2 Responses Aug 20, 2014

How fun! What a great game, could I play? Lol!

Hey Kat! Would we be on a team or compete against each other? Either way, if we had a sponsor it would be a lot of fun! :p

I am a fan of teamwork, myself. I don't like to compete. So if we could be sponsored by, let's say Tim Horton's, I'm in! We could enjoy great coffee and doughnuts after the show!

i think kids are adorable myself