The Truth

according to a 3 year old.

It is funny how the mind of a three year old works.  Exploring new things and learning to talk.  The shear honesty of what they say.


My 3 year old is a curious and mischievous thing spurred on by his older brother.  But one day I was working on something and he went running by me into my room.

I asked what he was doing?  He replied in a very excited voice "Making poop!"  I asked again just to make sure I heard right and he said he was making poop.  Just plain and simple no political correctness about it.

It is just funny to hear him talk to you and what he is wanting.

For those who understand you will at least smile about it.

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4 Responses Mar 8, 2009

Yes they do... ;-))

Yes it was priceless....

LOL!!!!!!!!!! That's priceless! :-)

Back when mine was a toddler, he ran down the hall. I figured he was guilty of some mischief he wasn't going to own up to. I just yelled down the hall after him "Heavenly Father saw you" and left it at that. Well apparently he had taken some lollies without asking first, because shortly after I saw scamper back to my room and put them back, then kneal down and offer a prayer to say cute, I know God must have had a smile tooo