Daylight Savings Time

So... having been up late last night, and really no where to be today. I slept in.

Sleeping in until 10:00 isn't really thaaaaat late, but because it's daylight savings time, well, it's actually 11:00.

My daughter wanted to know what we were going to make for breakfast, Sunday is usually our day to have a big breakfast. Well, I sat down and explained to her that today was a special day because we set the clocks forward an hour.

"You see, today, it's an hour later than it was at this time yesterday."

She cuts me off --"Well, that's because you slept in!" 

Hahahaha, no, what I was trying to explain is that it's more like lunch today instead of breakfast. So then she asks me... "Well, what time will supper be then?" LOL

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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

My computer clicked over to Daylight time last week, someone forgot to tell the PC that it doesn't happen for another TWO WEEKS here !