Always Makes Me Smile

My son just gave me the million dollar request... "I want a brother"! He's asked this before and not sure where it's coming from. Maybe being surrounded by three chicki's 24/7 did it? I asked him where I should go to get this brother and he said "the store mom... just go pick one out". Sure Joe, I'll run right out to Target and get one.

I asked him how old the brother should be? He said 4 like him and with the same name. This way he could go to the park and play football with him because apparently I don't throw high enough or jump to get it like him.

hhmmm I'm thinking foster child but not anytime soon.

Oh forgot the cute part from today. We were in line at the base for the air show and it was REALLY windy. He said "Mommy look, those two trees are dancing". Just thought his perspective was the best!

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2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

okay THAT was cute! OMG I'm totally giggling here!

He is cute :) your story make me smile too... i have a 6 yrs old daughter and its real pleasure to have her in my life... i have just remember now, she was about 3 yrs old and we were at my friend to visit. she was pregnant. i told my little one that my friend has a baby inside of her and showed her belly... my daughter looked at me surprised and asked me why she ate her baby... lol...<br />