This Is Why Children Are So Amazing.

Dominic is three years old and has severe serble palsy. 

It effects his intelligence and cognitive abilities in no way, but he cannot walk, he cannot stand and he cannot crawl.

His limbs and joints are stiff and often get painful, he can't stretch his arms up or out very far, he struggles with his coordination and finds it extremely difficult to grip anything with his right hand. 

He is just now developing the strength to sit up unaided. 

Despite all of this, he often will touch my face and very sincerely say;

"I will take care of you."

This is the reason that despite the rotten pay, and general consensus that it not a good 'career' I will always work in a nursery.

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3 Responses Jul 19, 2009

the sweetest and most innocent voice of wisdom coming from the child facing the most trying times of his life. <br />
he sounds precious.

That is the sweetest thing I have ever read! *big hugs*

Credit to You sleeps ....