What's This?

It is the job of little brothers to annoy big brothers and my youngest took his job seriously and did it very well. When Timmy was about two he delighted in scooting around in the house, pointing to objects and asking ''what's this?'', which after a while would greatly irritate his older brother.

One day, after a particularly long session of what's this, Timmy pointed to a fly swatter. My oldest son, who had been pushed to the brink, immediately answered ''that's a Timmy tapper!''. Timmy's questions stopped right then and there.

To this day(almost twenty years later) a fly swatter is called a Timmy tapper in our house!

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Big brother has always been very creative-LOL!!!

A "TimmyTapper"!!!! How precious!!! And also, how wonderfully it speaks of your parenting skills! I love it! Big Brother didn't lose his cool, he just got exceptionally creative with his answers!!!! I have a feeling yours is a wonderful family.

JJ the distance in age was great for them, so they did not have to compete and did not have to compare themselves with each other. As they have grown into adults, those 8 years matter less, so they can be friends now.

I think so too, Frito!<br />
AT, my sons are almost 8 years apart, too wide a difference for them to have been playmates so they didn't really get along very well, which is understandable. Now they are both adults and as they grow older I have noticed that they have grown to respect and admire each other. As a mother, there is nothing that could have pleased me more.

Cute story. Whenever I see families with 2 children, I think the bigger one is more vulnerable. Especially if the smaller one is the same gender.

Hahaha and iI like "Timmy Tapper" much better...so much more descriptive! LOL

Thank you, Child! The funny thing about this is that we have to tell the story every time we have company and a fly or spider happens to come into the house. Guests are always surprised when one of us asks '' where's the Timmy tapper?''.

Cracking up. It is funny how nicknames come about. Thanks for sharing Jo.

Thanks! My sons were a funny pair!!

haha...that IS cute.