Reposting, But For A Very Good Reason.

 Dominic is three years old and has severe cerebral palsy. 

It has no effect on his intelligence and cognitive abilities, but he cannot walk, he cannot stand and he cannot crawl.

His limbs and joints are stiff and often get painful, he can't stretch his arms up or out very far, he struggles with his coordination and finds it extremely difficult to grip anything with his right hand. 

He is just now developing the strength to sit up unaided. 

Despite all of this, he often will touch my face and very sincerely say;

"I will take care of you."

This is the reason that despite the rotten pay, and general consensus that it not a good 'career' I will always work in a nursery.

I originally posted this story in July last year, since then Dominic has continued to be unwavering in his determination to be independent and his constant care and concern for everyone else around him. 

Now we all have an opportunity to take care of him. 

Dominic qualifies for an amazing life changing operation that will enable him to walk with a walker, gain use of his right arm, sit unaided, kneel, and move with ease from one position to the next. 

The down side is that this operation costs £40,000 and we only have until August to raise the funds.

For more information on both the operation, this beautiful little boy, and the chance to give him his legs please click the following link.

We will be forever grateful if you do. 

More in-depth information about the operation can be found here :


See Dominic on BBC news here His segment is about half way through. 

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4 Responses Mar 10, 2010

When one of my students got her motorized wheelchair, she came to school so proud. And it was purple! Finally, she could get where she wanted to go! With her Mom's permission, she let all the other kids take it for a spin around the room. I'll never forget her squeals of laughter and the look on her face. One of my favorite school days ever!<br />
<br />
Come on people, a little bit from everyone can make such a difference.

Excellent. I'm on it!<br />
Dominic needs some wheels!

He's gorgeous

aw wow