Sharpies Suck In the Hands of a Three Yr Old

My son was so very quiet... I assumed watching his favorite cartoon which is where I left him. Until he came running into my room, sharpie in one hand and the other painted black. Running into the living room in a panic this is what I found... he colored a hanger, not a biggie, got some on the table, two chairs, colored his sisters excersaucer, the remote control and best of all... The ENTIRE TV screen! This child so keeps me going! AAUUGGHH!
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3 Responses Nov 22, 2007

You should have kept markers like that under lock and key! At least until he reached the age of reason. If that had been me, I would have my bottom bared and turned a lovely shade of red. Thank God I never thought of doing it - and Mom didn't have to drag out the paddle for me.


We all know when the kids are quite we better go check on them. lol

Gotta love the Magic Eraser. Did you get it out of the chair? Message me and I will tell you what worked when my daughter drew on the brand new jeans. (Yeah, the ones she was wearing for the 1st time.)<br />
Happy T-day.