Kids Say And Do The Darndest Things Lol!

My daughter has a lovely fabric head band on and a blanket as a cape, it's sometimes hard to understand her and my son thought that she just said that she needs a beer you silly!!! Lol, then she corrected him and said no I need my gear and she turned around with a stuffed animal tucked in behind her head band just in case she falls and the plush toy will protect her head, she said no I need my gear, you don't want me to get hurt do you? You silly!

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Kids will b kids, need to pay more attention 2 them though, there is so much going on there, cant keep up with mine,....... i love this generation of kids.....thanks for the support.....many blessings<br />

Ha ha ha I'll bet lol! That's such a funny perception that is so cute!

This morning I was playing with our dog. The dog crawled in a small empty garbage can and I picked the can up with her sticking out the top of it. Her head fell in and all that was left sticking out was her rump. The dog is white.<br />
<br />
My 3 yr old walked in and said, "Daddy, she looks like an ice cream cone!"