Sure Blame It On Your Mama

Yesterday was the day my daughter has chior after school so I don't pick her up till later on.  She rides the chior bus after school and I pick her up there.  Some days chior is cancelled and it's her job to let me know before school lets out.  So at 2:55 yesterday..15 min after school let's out I get a call saying, "Mom, we didn't have chior today, you got to come get me."  I said, "sweetie school is out already where are you."  She says in the well duh mom voice "I'm at school."  So I grab my keys and run out the door.  I get to school, the place is empty except for a very unamused secretary.  I get the "how could you" glare from her and my daughter gets in the car.  I say, "what was that all about" and my daughter says, "I don't know."  I asked her what she told her, she said, "I just told her you forgot I didn't have chior and left me here."  Gee thanks sweetie now I got the "I can't believe you left your daughter at school look from everyone to look forward to."  I reminded her that it was her responsibility to let me know that I had no idea that chior was cancelled.  To that she replys with a smile "I know mom but I wasn't gonna tell her I forgot to tell you."  Isn't she sweet!

Lighthouse Lighthouse
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1 Response Mar 4, 2009

Yes she does. Got to love her though she makes me laugh all the time.