Don't You Just Love Kids?!?

I have been blessed to know many children in my lifetime.  Which means I get to hear all the funny little things they say, like:

  • My baby sister, who is not yet two, calls people a "*****".  I don't know how, but she knows the word and the correct context.  So one day my aunt was putting her in her crib and she said, "*****!"
  • When my brothers were living with me, one day, my three year old brother kept saying, "Sissy, I want casseroles!"  I told him, "Jojo!  We don't have casseroles!"  Well, he is the type of kid (just like his sister) that will argue you to death if he thinks he is right.  He kept pointing to my cabinet and saying, "They're in there big sistah!"  I so started pointing at the boxes until I landed on the Swiss Cake Rolls.  He got all excited and said, "Yes!  Those casseroles sissy!"  It was the cutest thing.
  • I am from the south, but I was living with family in NY for four months a couple years ago.  Well, me and another adult in the house were talking about how here in the south we say, "My stomach is tore up!" when referring to a belly ache.  So one day the real estate agent was showing my cousin's house and her four year old daughter yelled out the window to the lady and the people she'd brought, "Y'all my stomach is tore up!"
  • One time my ex bf and I were making out on a couch.  We didn't think anyone was around.  Suddenly I heard giggles and it was my seven year old cousin.  She said, "You guys better get those pills that make you not have babies!"
  • One time I was eating at Arby's with my aunt and cousin, who are just plain embarrassing.  Well, my aunt decided to go use the restroom.  My cousin went in there and she came running out, yelling to the whole restaurant, "Don't go in there, my mama's got bad gas!"
  • When one of my cousins was about four, I was only a couple years older than her, she was in the bath and rolled up a piece of lint and said, "I rolled a joint, let's smoke it!"


I could go on forever.

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1 Response Mar 24, 2009

There were days when I used to say that I loved kids until I had two of my own. There were days when my own children made me think of something Rosanne used to say "Now I know why animals eat their young!"<br />
Or the most fun about having kids was making them!