They Don't?

I don't know whether to feel old or dumb right now, lol. When did kids stop learning cursive writng in school? And who was the mastermind behind that "brilliant" plan?
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Many, many eons ago...when they stopped grading these stupid printed forms and stopped counting them as a grade on report cards.


agree..what a mistake in education. Even if typing or tapping a device is the new way. Absolutely, no way should cursive writing go to loss in a new generation.

I think many teachers were at first taught to write by printing letters, and then join them up once all the characters had bee mastered. This is how I was taught and I remember my teacher (Mrs Benjamin, she had the most beautiful 'old-fashioned' handwriting, even on a blackboard) cursing at this 'modern' way of teaching children how to write. She had to remember how to print the letters and then teach us how to write them; and then she had to teach us how to join them up! <br />
That was in the mid-sixties and I'm sure most primary school teachers have been taught to write in a similar way. Cursive, or joined-up handwriting is making a comeback and many more schools are teaching it from an early age. But, how do you teach the teachers? There are lots of books and videos that show you the basics of teaching handwriting, but I think the best is an online website called It's simple, but very effective and it does exactly what the name suggests - it teaches you to join letters. So, teachers, if you're worried about how to get your kids joining their letters just have a look at