You Made My Day

I was in a train
on my way for an important business
the train was cramped
everyone seems rather irritated & uncomfortable
I see frowns every where I look
Then I saw this young woman
She was smiling politely to everyone who looked at her
But they didn't smile back
There weren't any signs of irritation on her face
She was not the most beautiful in the train
Every time the train stopped
pregnant women or seniors would come in
She would give her seat
I was standing next to her seat
I was staring at her
because I was amazed with her attitude
she realized I was staring
She looked at me
and she shyly smiled back
then she looked away
then i almost giggle but didn't
I smiled and looked outside the train
Then a blind guy came in
she gave her seat
she stood very close to me
I can smell her hair
then she turned to her side
her cheek almost touched my chin
then she said sorry
then I said it's ok
Then she smiled shyly
then my stop arrived
before i walked out
I couldn't help it
I whispered
you got the nicest smile
then I just walked away
She was smiling while fixing her hair on her ear
then she said, you too

Yeah I would've given her a daisy if I had it with me... ;-)

written by: Maxvasari [2010]

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10 Responses Dec 11, 2010

Beautiful story. You made my day. :)

Smiles make people happy :)

This is a very sweet story (: I love seeing people who are like that.

Its so beautiful yet heartbreaking.<br />
<br />
Beautiful because there really are other people like this is the world.<br />
<br />
Heartbreaking because out of an entire train there were only two people kind enough to smile.

what a nice moment.

Ahww! That would’ve been a nice story you could tell your kids 20 years later “How I Met Your Mom” ! : D<br />
Maybe you would met her again if you went to the same station, at the same time. <br />
<br />
That was really nice of her to give her seat, to someone that needs it. <br />
I can imagine myself being pregnant with a big belly or an old lady, I could barely carry myself and walk, it would be hard for me to keep balanced while the train is running, I could fall down and that would cause me an unbearable pain. I really would appreciate it if someone gave me a seat. <br />
<br />
uh, Now when I thought about it next time I enter a train I would give away my seat for those people who need it more than I do. <br />
<br />
thought I don’t ride trains. We don’t have trains where I live. Even when we travel out on vacations we’re too lazy to go to the station, so we take a taxi if we were staying for more than 3 days we rent a car. <br />
The only time I gave my seat away, was when we were on a vacation on Germany. I was 12 by then. Me and my mom walked for a long time. Finally we were waiting for the train to arrive. Finally we found two empty seats nearby. Awh, What a relief. I rested, from that long and exhausting walk. That seat wasn’t the most comfortable ever, but at that time it felt like it was. A few minutes later. An old man came he was standing looking if there was an empty chair he looked at all the people that were seated, they all were ignoring him. I was the only one staring at him. I told my mom that he needs a chair, but my mom turned her face away. I looked at him. So did he, our eyes met for like a minute or more. I was checking him. His hair was all white, even his eyebrows. and his face was sweating, he was hardly standing leaning on his stick. His left foot was injured. Then I decide to get up and give him my chair. I felt sorry for him.When I did he never even said thank you or anything. : O Or maybe he was angry cuz it took me so long to give away my seat!<br />
<br />
Aww!! I talk too much, I even changed the subject. xD Sorry <br />
<br />
It was a very nice story. I enjoyed reading it! :] *Rates Up*

That was one beautiful moment shared by two strangers... very nice!

You probably made her day. I'm glad you told her.

Aw, at least you said something.

Awww...what a sweet story =}