Kindness Stays Longer Than Beauty Ever Could

Every one sees beautiful people but how many do you remember, How many faces ? and for how long before forgetting them or when time reduces their beauty in your mind.

I've seen my share of Beautiful people boys and girls. They stay in the mind for a very short time but politeness, Kindness stay in mind for a long time if not forever.

I have forgotten all the beautiful faces. At the moment i can't even imagine a single face all of them have been blurred by time but i do remember the face of the boy who was the same as my age and would give his turn away in games just to see a smile on someones face. I can still see his wonderful smile.

I also remember the face of that girl who just finished course work and was working in a Clinic for amputees. Her face, when she was looking at the young boy while trying to fit the prosthetic leg. When the boy felt some pain and his leg moved, She looked at him with a face that showed worry, innocence and kindness. I can see it clearly even now.

The group of girls going to their classes after buying some packed food, There were many beautiful girls in that group but i couldn't even remember how the looked like but one. The one who slowed down and gave some money to the Old man sitting on the stairs. She was the shinning star in them.

I can also remember the face of the girl who was carrying two cups of tea, One for herself and the other not for her friend or someone but for the beggar who was sitting on the sidewalk. It was cold morning and i was sitting in the lawn nearby enjoying my cup of tea. There she was caring for those who couldn't enjoy even the small things in life.

For me beauty is within a person. Beauty is in Respect, Kindness, Caring, Sincerity. The True beauty that won't fade with age but that grows with time.
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16 Responses Jan 24, 2011

The most beautiful people we have ever known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss and have fought their way out of the depths. These persons have an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentlesness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people don't just happen.-Unknown. I love this and I thought it went well with what you shared :)

What a great share. I agree. Beauty fades so fast. A lot of beautiful people in this world are so ugly on the inside. Turn the mirror around and REALLY see how other people see you ... not what you look like on the outside.

A heart melting post, Bro. Physical appearance tend to diminish as we get older, But the character of our souls remains the same unless we walk astray. Thank you for this wonderful post. : D

simple, yet beautiful stories. touched... :') especially the part where the girl who carried two cups of tea..

touchinggg :)

This is simple yet so beautiful...and so true! I believe in so few things in this world and find pleasure in even fewer. But seeing a random act of kindness while walking on the road makes my day. It goes right through la<x>yersof cynicsm that I have accumulated over the years and tells me, there is goodness around us :). Thank you for posting this.

So true we do remember nicetys and small gestures it stays in our hearts and thoughts

I have 2 agree. Yet if we all keep our hearts open kindness and beauty can shine thru anyone who does not fear to express it.

KIndness is beautiful.

Love this story

oh, such a beutifull truth, i used to think i was beutifull, with clear skin and a size 8(thats small in australia) but it wasent until i got sick and from my illness put on weight and got a lot of pimples, i got so sad and suddenly i had to be nice in order for people to be nice to me, so i did i and i met my husband, id never noticed him befor but he had been in my life for almost a year. Beutifull story.

Thank you for posting this. Very touching! Don't forget that you're one of the truly beautiful :)

Thats kind people n blessinh shall shower u.

Very true! Thank you for posting this valuable truth.

Oh, yes, you are absolutely right. Beauty passes by, the physical beauty that we enjoy and forget the moment after, and the inner beauty that leaves a mark in our heart.

This is SUCH a beautiful story. Its going to stay in my mind.<br /><br />
Thank you lazy. :)