They Are More Than Just Beautiful.

Kind people are more than just beautiful. They are amazing, lovely, truly inspirational people. The people who do things 'just to do it' deserve so much more than a thank-you. So much more than a smile of gratitude. So much more than tears of happiness. Kind people deserve everything, and then some more on top of that. The kindness some people spread and share with others is taken for granted. You don't know what that other person goes through to show that kindness, to make you happy, to show you there is more to life than just receiving.

Kind people come in all shapes and sizes.

Those are the most beautiful people in the world. And I just wanted them to know that.

And how much I appreciate them.

Thank You.

HopeInConstruction HopeInConstruction
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4 Responses Jan 23, 2012

What drugs are you on or are you delusional. Watch the news and tell me that.

You don't think kind people are beautiful?

no I think you have no life experience yet, wait another 10 years then tell me this again. x

Aww, touching and inspirational :') I'm happy to know that someone thinks like that too.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Best of luck for you :)

Maybe this makes you a kind person as well.

100% agree with you :)