I dont know if it is my downfall or not, but I always look at the good in people. Sometimes I think that it blinds me from what people really are. I look at people, I dont judge them. I will always give you a chance, and most of the time if you **** me over I will give you another chance. I guess what I am trying to say is that its hard to find kind people in this world, but once you do you should cherish them. Main reason is because there its very rare to find a sincere kind person. No matter what they look like , its the heart that matters. Kind people are the most beautiful souls in this world. Sometimes they are over looked, used, abused, just because they are kind.. I just hate that. I never try to see the bad in people, but once you make it appearent then I just say **** it. I have learned from experience that just because someone use to be kind, doesnt mean they will always be that way.. The world changes people, make them have their guard up to much.. Those people are the ones that once you really gets to know them , you wont regret it. They will always have that guard up , so other people will have different views on them...

this goes out to Augusta,,, Stay true to yourself ! You know what you could be, so be it.. PLEASE.. for god sake think about something before you do it.. You are one of those people, that the world turned cold but you can change that.. 1-4-3 forever
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How did I know Augusta was the subject of this story? Let me guess, she still is behaving rather erratically, correct?

yeah pretty much..