The Loveliest Attribute

Some care about the eyes while others look into the bank account. I personally think that what makes a person valuable and attractive is their gentle soul. Their kind heart. A giving human would make me melt and in my eyes be beautiful. That is what true beauty is.
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3 Responses May 17, 2012

I love your first line...sad but so true. The real bank account is through the eyes as they are still the Window to their soul. It is beyond the outside beauty that truly shows the real depth of a person. I have seen many who only had beauty skin deep. Then I have seen those who's real beauty started just below the surface and went all the way through to their core. Those are people who are truly beautiful. They love with their soul all who they come in contact with.

this is the reason you are so valued and admired :) <br />
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keep it up

I agree 100%. Good on you :D