I work with a guy, who on the outside is probably average looking, I wouldn't say he was a model but he certainly isn't ugly.

But he is the loveliest, kindest person I've ever met. I've only known him about 2-3 weeks but today when I was working, I had to work a little later than usual because I had a client on the phone. He wrote me a message before he left saying "I hope you have a lovely weekend" with a massive star doodle on it. Now, he didn't have to do that, in fact he could have left earliyer had he not stopped to write the message and passed me it. But guaranteed I was on the phone with a giant smile on my face, he didn't have to do it. He chose to do it and that's what I think makes him more beautiful than every tanned symmetrical faced person.
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that is sweet. he took the time to make you feel special. kindness is not talked about much, but so important.<br />
I agree about the tanned face people. they do all look alike sometimes and I don't think it's attractive.

Thats so adorable. :)

he's so sweeet. it's crazy how just a little message can make you smile so much :') he's like the older brother/father I never had :')