according to me
honesty is beautiful
kindness is beautiful.
caring is beautiful.
good hearted is beautiful ...........
everyone wants to be beautiful in life in outer .... no one is seeing the beauty of inner.......wen we meet people we say that the girl is really beautiful... or the boy is really beautiful,,,, some people even love eachother by looking beauty ....may be her eyes will be beautiful not her mind....but later only only we recognise her really beauty :).sometimes its difficult to understand the beauty of ppl.........we choose wrong ppl to ur life....... by looking outer beauty,,,, nt by looking inner beauty,,,,, sometimes other say u look beautiful by looking ur dress , by ur flawless hair...................its difficult to understand in this world who is beautiful

r u really beautiful in ur life ?

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but sometimes people who are like that.. just get used bacause of their kindness. i take that from experience. Yes that shouldn't stop you from being kind. I know that's kind of off topic but I had to say it i guess. I like nice people but its hard to find people like that these days, at least they might show their nice but inside.. its different. I choose people who are kind to me and not looks, but sometimes they use kindness to fool you and use you. Almost everyone in my life has done that. But I do agree with you. thanks for sharing. (and yeah I'm new here so excuse me haha)

where are you from? what state or country did you experience this "kindness abuse"

your post show ur mind ur thoughts..........ur thoughts(inner)is very beautiful.....i am glad to hv u in my crcle.......wlcm my friend :)

Every thing in this world is beautiful , it is the the mater of opening our eyes, if you look behind only thing that robes beauty out of a thing is our expectations, " i expect my son to behave like his school mate , i expect my frind to be with me in all situations , i expect my husbannd to support me in all situation, i expect my skin colour to be fair " if we look at the repeated word is "EXPECT" thn the only question is why do u expect, expectations reduces joy in our life , everything has its own beauty provided , we accept people as they are and situations as it is rather than the way we want to see it. The last thing is why people does like that - only answer is confidence in themselves , even the great cricketer Sachin gets out when he is in the great form and trying to hit all deliveries instead of waiting and understanding those , same way rather than confident be emotion free and accept things in life as it is . Never expect but rather accept . Life is beautiful.

I am really beautiful in my life as you! and the world!...

graceful for the lord gift!

So true, a person's actions can make them beautiful as well.


beautifully penned down
how a person looks is the primary criteria when we try to communicate or interact with the person but in the long run neither intelligence matters nor looks it is behaviour towards you and others around the person that matters kindness, the care, the character all these are things that makes me person beautiful according to me.

akhiiii thnks for the comment

a person with good heart is considered beautiful.
Intelligence is something I value a lot.
A sense of pleasing kind style.
A good sense of humor.
and finally.......
I think it's a person's heart that makes them beautiful. A nice, compassionate, caring person is beautiful to me, regardless of how he/she looks.
nicely written...:)

thnks for ur valuable comment friend:):)